Simple apps lab as the name suggests was created to simplify everyday apps.


Here is a summary of some of the apps that you can find:

  1. Pacing Calculator - Simple Calculator iOS application that will help you mimic production loads during load testing.

  2. Receipts Register - iOS Application that will help you manage your receipts, print and email PDF reports


I do not intent to have any monetary gain or advertise anything on my applications. All the applications from Simple Apps Labs are free. Feel free to use them. If you like any of my applications please rate. If you need help or support contact me.



About Pacing Calculator

Pacing calculator application was designed to help Load and Performance testers to accurately emulate production load. Pacing will determine the pace at which the load test executes. Pacing helps in controlling a load test and helps in creating accurate load on the application under test. The app provides a step by step guide in calculating pacing values. Group Scenario pacing calculator has also been added in order to split pacing values calculated. Actual Transactions tab helps in getting the number of transactions required in order to get the production results. Finally you would be able to save upto 10 results and email them straight from pacing application.​

Load & Performance Testing with Pacing: Tips
  • You would need to obtain network traffic on load balancer from your network administrator group or IT operations group which is in bits per second (bps)​

  • You should convert the bits per second values to bytes per second and this value will be your throughput that you would need in order to obtain your production load.

  • If you are unable to obtain the throughput then simply get the number of unique logins or site visits to your apps and use them as transactions directly.

  • If your application is a webservice or  it does not need think time then enter the think time value as 0. If you are using think time do not exceed it more than 8 seconds.

  • For instance,if your application architecture contains 4 web ,4 app and 2 SQL servers and your load testing environment contains 1web 1 app and 2 SQL severs with the same server configuration as production you can still obtain production load by simply multiplying  the Transactions per day obtained on the Actual tab with the value .25(1/4) and then calculate pacing for that number of calculations.

  • Lastly ramp up and ramp down compensation has already been added so please use ramp up and ramp down while using this app.

For detailed tutorial please visit the FAQ section.

Pacing Calculator

Receipts Register


  • Download and install Receipts Register

  • Press the 'CREATE EXPENSE REPORT' button and enter all the required information (Please note: Keep your expense report name unique and check your date(s). The dates will be the beginning and end of your travel)

  • Press the ‘SUBMIT’ button to create the new expense report.

  • Tap on 'ADD TRANSACTION' (at the bottom of the 'CREATE EXPENSE REPORT' screen) or '(+) NEW TRANSACTION’ (from the ‘HOME’ screen) button on the device. You should see the 'SELECT EXPENSE’ screen showing your recently created expense report(s).

  • Select the newly created expense report from the table and add all the relevant transaction information in the following screen (Note: The transaction date should be within the range of the expense report and cannot exceed current date).

  • Navigate to the 'ATTACH RECEIPT' after the ‘ADD TRANSACTION’ screen and then enter the transaction amount and 'Click' on the camera icon, choose your option for the receipt image (choose from Gallery or take a picture of the receipt) and press the ‘CONTINUE’ button.

  • In the confirmation screen you can view the summary of your transaction. Tap the ‘SAVE’ button and you will return to the ‘HOME’ screen.

  • You can follow the same steps to create other transactions or to add a new transaction to an existing report.

  • Once your trip is complete tap on the '(EMAIL / VIEW) EXPENSE REPORT' button and you can view your expense report and all the transactions attached to the expense report.

  • Select the Expense that you would need the PDF report and tap on 'View PDF/Email' button at the bottom of ‘EXPENSE REPORT’ screen.

  • After you have viewed PDF report touch the 'SEND EMAIL' button and you should be able to view the ‘Compose Email’ screen with the PDF report attached. You will be able to send the email from here by filling up all relevant information and the email address. 

How to use Receipts Register ?

Receipts Register is a simple application that will help in consolidating all your receipts into a simple PDF format expense report. This PDF format expense report can be attached and emailed straight from your device. The app also helps in maintaining details about your transactions inside each expense report. You would have the flexibility of attaching a picture from your photo gallery or taking a picture using your camera.

What makes this app unique?

  • It is very simple to use

  • No sign up of any sort required or accounts required.

  • No advertisements despite the app being free

  • No pro or lite versions just one simple version

  • No in purchase items

  • No Google, Facebook and Twitter interactions

  • The best part is that the app never asks you for any of your personal information or mine for your data. (Don't believe me turn off internet (Wi-Fi/Cellular connection) and use the app it works just fine except when you want to email) - Now that’s what respecting privacy means.

  • Only one objective consolidates receipts.




About Receipts Register